Listenin children

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Listenin children Anybody from small listeners does not distract.

Persons are excited, internal work of soul which inspires is reflected in them, music awakens.

After rhythmic exercises when pupils already well understand the sizes, notes, they are not content with playing of unpretentious fragments.

They would like to hear the whole work.

Listenin children gradually start to understand the feelings hidden in melodies.

For example, speak This music laughs, and this cries.

We aspired to present the different feelings expressed in music ease, pleasure, alarm, threat, contempt, tenderness, etc Tried to include in the program of our concerts musical fragments and subject from operas, and such when it is easy to imagine a certain picture, and such which help to be lost in thought, meditation Mendelssohn, Mozart, Chopin.

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Let's battle! No. Having

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Let's battle! No. Having You enter into its room and Emotionally report that happens with Nightingales, which to people disturb Speak meditatively It is necessary to Solovushk on a chain to plant … Declare Now I – the Nightingale the Robber, and you am Dobrynya Nikitich.

Let's battle! No.

Having thought that Egypt is after all Africa, the kid flatly refuses to go there and you does not start up Barmaley is afraid.

You did not begin it to explain that Barmaleev does not happen.

Why Because to a trip three more weeks; itself will forget Because it is good occasion to remind of behavior rules and discipline Because it would not be desirable to destroy the fairy tale … Results Majority of answers In.

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Call the doctor

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Call the doctor If the feeding up is entered, reduce number of feedings by a breast or mixes.

When to call the doctor.

Call the doctor if there is at least one of the specified symptoms diarrhea proceeds more than hours; availability of blood in a chair; body temperature exceeds ,°; the kid badly eats or refuses food; dehydration symptoms a mucous membrane of a mouth dry were shown, the quantity of urinations was reduced; in a chair of the child you found roundworms or other parasites.

If to the child year was not executed yet, it is improbable that the doctor will appoint reception of medicines.

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And if could, surely

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And if could, surely Here I speak Evgenia! And Evgenia answers.

I speak haricot! But fasolinka do not answer, they cannot.

And if could, surely would answer.

If I call a subject, you will understand me and can bring that I called haricot, writingbook.

If not to name a subject, you will not understand, about what there is a speech, after all at each thing the name.

This name a noun, it calls a subject.

I say a noun, and you understand at once, I mean what subject.

Tree, bench, handle.

If I do not say a noun, you do not learn, about what I speak.

Let's assume, I will tell bring to me, quickly give here, I want, that to me brought! But what If I do not call a noun, you will not understand me.

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It is necessary

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It is necessary And what here the ridiculous you ask.

Ridiculous will begin, when the young successor will listen or will take a detached view.

To take a detached view of itself still prevented to nobody, and teenagers especially.

It is necessary to repeat still Again write down.

Modern equipment in children's education the most effective thing because they trust it.

I remember, how I struggled with the son as persuaded why for computer to sit for hours it is impossible, why when rose, it is necessary to reach, limber up properly.

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They master

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They master Surrounding subjects it everything that is necessary and enough, only be able to use them.

Lessons are extremely simple, laconic.

These are rather lessons of gestures, actions, than words.

School the real intellectual laboratory.

Children constantly do somethin provoke each other.

They master the offered material, look for it, know, where there is each card.

A material and lessons change from the child to the child.

The teacher the short explanations as if stretches binding threads, connects an electricity, and its simple actions cause considerable consequences.

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  • We tell about it in books Cease to bring up children help them grow and Without danger.That the relations did not spoilTESTTo speak in its language Good teachers know some pupils remember better that see, others that hear, and some to remember the device device, it is necessary also to touch it.This feature depends on what path we got used and as it is more convenient to us to pass information in the brain.We have five sense organs, and all of them we collect data on this world.But usually any one of them appears the most important, leadin and the others as though auxiliary.Therefore scientists divided people on a leading information channel sound, they are focused first of all aurally; the visa scarlet leading path visual, reception and information transfer goes through sight, in images; ++, and you they perceive the world sensually, through feelings, muscular tension, smells, tastes.
  • It simply ~ likes to hang and ~ on hands or headfirst, having hooked by a bend of knees for reluggage ~well and trying to reach fingers of hands the earth, it would like to do the bridge,to somersault forward and back on a shaking trapeze or rings, it at ~ unsteady support and stay at height.As are pleasant to the child of grain ~ny wide movements, accelerations, slozhnokoordinirovanny actions,carried out at great speed.It is the period of experiments during time ~niya on a bicycle, from an ice slope, a kachaniye on a high swin divings andswimmings under water, etc.All these rather difficult motor tasks, Torah ~buyushchy active collaboration of at least three analyzers ~ muscular feelings, vestibular mechanism and sight.
  • Telltales rearrange only on white or only on black cages.It is very useful for practical life.Children already are able to put things in order, but now do it consciously.Put plates on a table at the left, a jug in the center.Game with loose leaves as preparation for readin drawing and the letterHaving learned color and a form of loose leaves, the child starts to display figures loose leaves– on a card where paints drew their surfaces,– on a card with color contours.The child feels figures.The circle smooth also turns.
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