Interest Game grasps children, forces them to endure really those feelings which represented characters should test sympathy, sympathy for patients, for children, respect for seniors, etc.

With sympathy, protection, tenderness the child treats dolls and the toy animals used in game.

Interest to game, desire it is good to play a role are so great that in these conditions children carry out such actions, which in itself for them are difficult, unattractive, or abstain from satisfaction of other desires arising therein.

Representing pupils, preschool children it is long and diligently are engaged in borin monotonous business a repeated vypisyvaniye of the same letters.

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That is snow

That is snow That is snow can drop out, but not simply so, and in a special case.

And this case very much and very much will surprise us.

If the child walks in a slowedup waygrandly if does not spin – not jumps – does not skip – means, or there was something improbable, or it carries out the special mission demanding special concentration from it.

Bears, for example, a jar, and in a jar – a tritonchik from the next pond … Or solves in mind any superimportant task how to persuade mother to curtail in it to that booth ….

So, on the extreme to measure, was always.

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Such games

Such games If you consider quantity of toys insufficient, can offer the kid various on the size and coloring balls, having arranged them round the child.

From time to time roll them.

The child likes toys which are equipped with adaptations for capture.

For example, the rattles having handles convenient for capture or crossing points.

At this age of kids plastic measured cups and spoons interest.

Play games which contain a touch element to the child.

Such games stimulate development of tactile perception of the child and help it to cooperate better with world around.

My light, pocket mirror, tell.

If you yet did not hang up a mirror in a cot, came to make time it.

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It perception

It perception Formation of such internalactions makes the main content of mental development of the child.

It perception actions pertseptivny actions, thinkin imagination, memory, t.

, mental actions.

They provide orientation of the child in world around, acquaintance with conditions in which practical actions and consequently are called as also rough actions should be carried out.

Performance of rough actions usually precedes performance practical, prepares them.

Let's follow a simple example.

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It seemed to us awful

It seemed to us awful We only touched water, sawit, moistened the person and left.

It seemed to us awful blasphemy that teenagers from summer camp, to ~the tory was in the neighbourhood, scraped out on cave walls the names.

On a warehouse of the mind children have natural predisposition to ~to vny paganism in relationship with the nature and surrounding a subject ~ny world.

They perceive the world around as the independent partner,which can rejoice, take offense, help or revenge the person.

~vetstvenno children are inclined to magic actions to arrange a placeor a subject with which they cooperate, in own favor.

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Only then

Only then The old pedagogical concept ordered for the sake of drawing attention of pupils to the unknown to connect unfamiliar with already mastered, switching interest to new information which the teacher was going to report.

However it only a part of the complex phenomenon observed in our experiment.

That the known was a source of new interest, it should be mastered on internal motivation.

Only then the previous knowledge will cause interest to subjects more difficult.

The being formed consciousness will provide, thus, possibility of infinite continuation of educational processes.

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