Then sits

Then sits Diana T.

, for lack of the experimenter from all directions examines a box, looks around, on a door, then gets a ribbon and starts to play it.

Times looks at a box, stretches to it hands, but then again gets a ribbon.

Lenya M.

, for lack of the experimenter rose, considers a box in all its aspects, goes round it, bends, almost a nose, but hands does not touch.

Then sits down, starts to spin on a chair, turns again faced to a box, hides hands under a table.

Pavlik P.

, after leaving of the experimenter looks around, on hands, jumps up on a chair, reaches hands a box, but quickly cleans hands.

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The conditions

The conditions Means, without a human brain cannot arise and human mental qualities.

The conditions defining development.

And now we will look that can give a human brain out of living conditions peculiar to people in society.

At the beginning of the XX century the Indian psychologist Read Singh received news that about one village are noticed two mysterious beings similar to people, but moving on all fours.

They managed to be tracked down.

Once in the morning Singh at the head of rpyrmbi of hunters hid at a wolf hole and saw, how the shewolf deduces on walk of cubs among which there were two girls one to about eight, another one and a half years.

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It is interesting

It is interesting Problems therefore happen because mothersfathers and other relatives manage eternally to forget kids do not know the elementary things.

It to us is clear that a pool deep and that boots will blot, and to the kid – is not present.

And your ban do not climb in a pool the child perceives as injustice.

It is interesting to it, he wants to try everything itself and to feel.

Kids more often for harm, and on ignorance obey.

And on ignorance they get to alterations.

Also behave not so it is nice, because are not able to take a detached view of itself yet.

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Stories and reading

Stories and reading If in a bathroom or a hall there is a big mirror, do not forget to stop about it with the kid.

Show a hand where there are you, and where it.

The kid will be glad to see you in other foreshortening and also is glad to see sitting at you on hands of the child.

Stories and reading Fairy tales continue to take an important place in development of the kid.

You can read aloud any book or the magazine which you interest.

If you possess the good imagination, can invent stories about things which surround you.

If you got used to more rationalistic approach, simply share with the child plans for the forthcoming day or week.

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It is a card

It is a card All exercises described still, were, in essence, touch.

The ear should learn to distinguish the main sounds.

Only then probably real music education.

All the rest, in particular musical notation, not music.

Major scale For acquaintance to scales we use a special material.

It is a card ruled so that it reminds a board with rectangles from exercises with hand bells.

That is the keyboard is put on it.

From above names of notes are written.

The scale is sequence from eight sounds intervals between which are constant tone, tone, semitone, tone, tone, tone, semitone.

In c major scale these intervals correspond to the following notes tone between to and , between and , between and salt, salt , SI.

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Parents already

Parents already Children hurry up to get acquainted with the outside world.

Parents already were satiated of.

That is why children and parents do not understand each other.

Parents want, that children became same, as they.

And if children others means, they bad, malicious.

Mother pulls along the kid who hardly keeps up with it.

It has legs short, at it long.

It is weak, it is strong.

The child hardly keeps weight of a trunk and the proportional, slender body is disproportionate the big head, at mother.

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  • And once it arrived to the girl.Same as I.Arina … Arina her name is.She lived in Moscow, in the house … And once he asked Arina It is possible for me to take for a drive And he began to live at me.It was unusual tram.Big could to be inflated, as the big tram, and still could be inflated less.As square on a wall.It is very similar to the usual.It was unusual tram, and the igrushkotransportable.You interrupt me again! Also he asked Arina Whether is not present where to live and transport toys.Arina told Please, at me there are a lot of toys.
  • We tell about it in books Cease to bring up children help them grow and Without danger.That the relations did not spoilTESTTo speak in its language Good teachers know some pupils remember better that see, others that hear, and some to remember the device device, it is necessary also to touch it.This feature depends on what path we got used and as it is more convenient to us to pass information in the brain.We have five sense organs, and all of them we collect data on this world.But usually any one of them appears the most important, leadin and the others as though auxiliary.Therefore scientists divided people on a leading information channel sound, they are focused first of all aurally; the visa scarlet leading path visual, reception and information transfer goes through sight, in images; ++, and you they perceive the world sensually, through feelings, muscular tension, smells, tastes.
  • It simply ~ likes to hang and ~ on hands or headfirst, having hooked by a bend of knees for reluggage ~well and trying to reach fingers of hands the earth, it would like to do the bridge,to somersault forward and back on a shaking trapeze or rings, it at ~ unsteady support and stay at height.As are pleasant to the child of grain ~ny wide movements, accelerations, slozhnokoordinirovanny actions,carried out at great speed.It is the period of experiments during time ~niya on a bicycle, from an ice slope, a kachaniye on a high swin divings andswimmings under water, etc.All these rather difficult motor tasks, Torah ~buyushchy active collaboration of at least three analyzers ~ muscular feelings, vestibular mechanism and sight.
  • Telltales rearrange only on white or only on black cages.It is very useful for practical life.Children already are able to put things in order, but now do it consciously.Put plates on a table at the left, a jug in the center.Game with loose leaves as preparation for readin drawing and the letterHaving learned color and a form of loose leaves, the child starts to display figures loose leaves– on a card where paints drew their surfaces,– on a card with color contours.The child feels figures.The circle smooth also turns.
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