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Thus on baby

Thus on baby They continued to move in the first rhythm so persistently that the teacher had to return by the work beginning.

Thus on baby faces there were happy smiles as if they met the good friend.

The teacher seized the opportunity when the part of children appeared is capable to hear other melody though some continued to move in beat the first.

However and they soon as if woke up, answered musical changes.

To speak to children Jump! Run! Go! means to depreciate music, to do its presence senseless.

It is necessary to choose one or the other to play or order.

When we read cards, we do not prompt to the child of a word which he should read.

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It is natural

It is naturalBy persistent training and sufficient language practice it is possibleto get skilled to say and understand quickly enough simple phrases.

Thus people around will have a full impression that you speak on ~solyutno unclear exotic language.

It is natural that to uselanguage on it is quite difficult, though it from the simply secretlanguages.

It is clear, that long on it you will not talk.

But it not so ~but.

For children the idea of that it is possible to learn time ~ is extremely importantto use to say in the language, known to you, but unclear for others, and that to theseanother can reveal secret of language and thus to attach to theto the world, and it is possible to separate them, having left in darkness of ignorance.

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And I thought

And I thought To him try to explain, what not he composed it.

But after a while the boy declares again I composed The swallow with spring in a shade to us flies.

Other child also was sure that he is the author of the next lines I am not afraid of anybody, except mother of one.

It is pleasant, how I composed It try to undeceive Not you composed it, and Pushkin You are not afraid of anybody, except god of one.

The child is disappointed.

And I thought that it with I composed.

In similar cases children's compositions entirely are under construction for memories, not including imagination works.

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Near us here, this, it is far there, that. Then

Near us here, this, it is far there, that. Then– Let's divide subjects here we will put ours, and there yours.

– Now we will take your places, and you will take their places, and they will take our places.

Demonstrative pronouns this, this, these, that, that, thoseCollective lessons If the right moment stands out, the teacher collects group of children and explains them word meaning this, it, this, these.

Near us here, this, it is far there, that.

Then gives orders which demand collective actions.

– Gather in that corner, and then run round this table.

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~The hill

~The hill ~The hill well reveals corporal problems of children awkwardness, bad box ~dinirovannost of movements, instability ~ insufficient contactstop with the soil, backwardness of feet, shift up the body center of gravity.

Thereit is easy to estimate the general level of corporal development of the child in comparison withother children of its age.

Remarkably that all these problems canto be perfectly worked and partly on an ice slope, to ~tory is from the psychological point of view a unique place ~niya and developments corporal I child under natural conditions.

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Well, for example, Nothing

Well, for example, Nothing After all matter is not in terms, and in, that tropes and other entered into a lexicon, in active speech.

Here is how it is possible to make it.

Take any sayingproverb a popular expression.

Well, for example, Nothing is perfect.

For a start ask the child, as it thinks that it means.

Even if the person yet does not understand, where here the dog is buried, all the same listen to him the version.

It is useful first, so you show respect for the person, and will in passing be adjusted at each other; secondly, very possibly, child will give out something interesting and very unusual with children the often such it happens; thirdly, putting forward any version, he will start to think, to argue, cost assumptions, i.

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For children, on the contrary, it becomes

For children, on the contrary, it becomes As a whole it is possible to tell that it a feather ~feriya of the world of adults, waste place, on which adults not ~ and there do not appear.

For children, on the contrary, it becomes that ~gichesky niche where they equip the nest.

Here it should be noted that not only literary characters ~ ~, but also real modern children usually build staffs, ~tiya, tents in similar places on boondocks of the adult world for garage ~, transformer boxes, sheds, at the deaf deadlock or a corner ~, in bushes, on a branchy tree etc.

That is children try as much as possibleprostranstvenno to be separated with the world of adults and to organize for itselfspecial place out of a zone of their interests and influence.

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