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It is the world

It is the world Symbolical transition from one plan of existence to Wad Dra ~gy the child makes, leaning on the significant signs allocated with itreal object.

These signs serve for it as the transitional bridge fromprosaic material reality in the symbolical world, too ~ny, but weaved from other material.

It is the world of mental reality,consisting of a material of children's feelings, impressions, thoughts, estimates,being generalized in fantasy images.

The bridge between these two worldsthe child always directs itself, and, as at each normal bridge, at this Moscow ~tic there are two real support.

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Sometimes All other actions follow from this idea explanations are not necessary almost.

Often researches arise as a result of children's questions.

– How to find the circle area– How to find cylinder volume– And cone Calculation of the area of a surface of a body a fine task for the child.

Sometimes the child spontaneously finds the answer.

Material for this purpose the such wooden solids, at which main measurement cm– quadrangular parallelepiped , , cm;– quadrangular parallelepiped equal to a third first;– quadrangular pyramid ,, cm;– triangular prism , cm;– triangular prism equal to a third previous;– pyramid , cm;– cylinder diameter of cm, height of cm;– the cylinder, is three times less than previous;– cone diameter of cm, height of cm;– sphere axis of cm;– oval a big axis of cm;– big axis of cm.

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Move apart

Move apart Body temperature measurement in a rectum.

It is the standard way of measurement of body temperature at children.

The rectal thermometer is simple in use.

Execute the following actions.

To take rectal temperature, put the child on a stomach across the knees A tip of the thermometer grease with vaseline.

Put the child on a stomach across the knees.

Strong hold the child for prevention of unexpected movements.

Move apart buttocks.

Be convinced that you well see an anus.

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These problems

These problems With the smallin general conversation short where planted here and sit, where put therealso stand, do not leave anywhere from that place where parents, etc.

C allowed to walkthe senior children it is more difficult many personal problems arise at them ~that adults got used to reckon a little with their desires and preference ~to hole.

These problems perfectly described Francoisa Dolto in the ~ache to the book On the party of the child.

Therefore than the child becomes more senior, Dolto F.

On the party of the child.

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Claim suppression

Claim suppression The child is afraid of risk, it avoids possibility to be rejected and not to receive a significant place for it.

However claim on a significant place among contemporaries finds for it personal sense.

Claim suppression on the best place generates envy.

Attempt to observe envy emergence in specially constructed situations of fate game was undertaken.

Groups on three children for this purpose stole up.

Experiment was carried out on children of five, six and seven years.

Children, rotating a roulette, gathered points which defined movement of their counters to the finish.

They believed that the success is defined by their luck.

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Gradually Here basic distinction between these two beings is covered.

The dog cannot reconcile, she dies, because any ray of light does not get into her soul to win despondency and despair.

But the thought on the highest justice, live memory about died, returning it to us, rescue the person.

Gradually not the oblivion, helping time an animal, but communication which our mind established with the world, returns tranquillity to suffering soul.

A similar consolation will not give boring lessons where teachers force to cram the scientific theories contradicting a condition of our souls.

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Probably, the same

Probably, the same Today in immunity are engaged a little, however it is impossible to develop the medicine using natural powers, and not to investigate secret of life, whose sources are latent, but manifestations are obvious.

Probably, the same treats and a science studying health and diseases of soul.

If it becomes obvious that the soul as is subject to diseases and death that it has laws of health and the vis medicatrix naturae, the science will help to care effectively of it, to keep and strengthen its precious vital forces, and also will open a mysterious source of these forces as the medicine opened immunity.

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  • It simply ~ likes to hang and ~ on hands or headfirst, having hooked by a bend of knees for reluggage ~well and trying to reach fingers of hands the earth, it would like to do the bridge,to somersault forward and back on a shaking trapeze or rings, it at ~ unsteady support and stay at height.As are pleasant to the child of grain ~ny wide movements, accelerations, slozhnokoordinirovanny actions,carried out at great speed.It is the period of experiments during time ~niya on a bicycle, from an ice slope, a kachaniye on a high swin divings andswimmings under water, etc.All these rather difficult motor tasks, Torah ~buyushchy active collaboration of at least three analyzers ~ muscular feelings, vestibular mechanism and sight.
  • Telltales rearrange only on white or only on black cages.It is very useful for practical life.Children already are able to put things in order, but now do it consciously.Put plates on a table at the left, a jug in the center.Game with loose leaves as preparation for readin drawing and the letterHaving learned color and a form of loose leaves, the child starts to display figures loose leaves– on a card where paints drew their surfaces,– on a card with color contours.The child feels figures.The circle smooth also turns.
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